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Inspired by the psycedelic pioneers of the '60s San Francisco scene, the LA folk-rock movement of the '70s and the modern-day progenitors of California Soul, drummer/songwriter Dave Brogan's music explores the fringes of roots-rock, fusing the energy of Americana with dark, Ambient landscapes - all informed by his background in modern classical music. After studying percussion and composition at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Brogan relocated to Seattle to join the city's thriving avant-garde rock scene.

While in Seattle, he reunited with his old college band, ALO, who had stripped their horn-laden soul/funk orchestra back down to a lean, mean, four-piece jam-rock machine. He recorded three albums with the band for Brushfire records, toured the world and elsewhere, and penned a number of ALO's most memorable songs. In 2008 Brogan released his own record, Thunderbird Sun Transformation, co-produced by The Mother Hips frontman Tim Bluhm at Bluhm's recently opened Mission Bells recording studio. He then took his sound on the road, fronting his own band on vocals and guitar.

Brogan is currently based out of San Francisco and has recently recorded and performed with ALO, Jack Johnson, Jackie Greene, Nicki Bluhm, Jerry Hannan, James Nash and Victoria George.